Hi there! 👋 My name is Christoph and I am the developer of Pacific and SkyPilot. I am 22 years old and live in Vienna (Austria 🇦🇹) which is located in the heart of Europe. Besides developing applications I am flying gliders or dancing.

Everything started when a friend and myself ran a German news blog about Apple & Co back in 2012. Therefore I developed a simple application which displayed our articles. After a short period of time we shut down this blog due to time issues and lack of visitors. In 2014 I started developing GPS related applications because I needed / I wanted them for myself as a glider pilot. This is the time when Pacific, formerly SkyWidgets, was released. Besides of some side-projects this summarizes my “developer life” quite good.

Here is a list of projects I’ve worked on / been working on

You can contact me via Twitter @thechriiistoph or via the contact form on cyanic.space/support 😊